The Meek Are Getting Ready

My Mom used to wear a button that read, “the meek are getting ready.”  Getting ready to do what you ask? In Matthew chapter five verse five Jesus tells us that “the meek shall inherit the earth.”

How is that possible?  When we hear the words meek or gentle we tend to think of ` who is a boneless jellyfish. A weakling. Meek and weak rhyme in our language and we have begun in our society to make them mean the same thing.  But that is far from true.

The best definition of meekness I have heard is that meekness is regulated strength or strength under control. But strength under whose control?  Our own? Now that would be dangerous. It is not self-governance that is the key here; but the yielding of our will to that of our Heavenly Father. Meekness is our strength, our energy, yielded to God’s control.

The Greek word used here in Galatians five at this point is one that is loaded with meaning.  Bible translators have a hard giving us one English word that encapsulates all of what is being said with this one Greek word. Pieces of the meaning keep falling through the cracks. The three words that keep coming forward in translations are meekness, humbleness and gentleness. Each of these words hold a piece of what the original word is trying to convey.  Meekness focuses on our inward attitude and how it flows out, humbleness talks about about our walk before God and man and gentleness focuses on the outward behavior of this trait toward our brother.

Some of the meanings of meekness are the ability to submit, the ability to humble and the ability to be teachable. Meekness is the ability to work for God and allow yourself to be vulnerable so that His glory can be seen.

Jesus is the ultimate example of strength and power under this type of governance. Everything Christ did in His ministry was in submission to the will of God the Father. Every miracle, every healing, every parable shared- was according to Divine purpose-even to the moment when He cried, “It is finished.”  Jesus who spoke the world into existence. Jesus who has all power at His disposal. He could called angels to defend him from his detractors. Yet, He made the decision (daily) to yield His will -His power- to the will of His Father.

And He has given this power to us as one one the fruits of the spirit.  Wait. Sister, I don’t think I heard you just right - meekness is a form of power?  Yes, it is a form of power. You see when you yield to God and submit (there’s that word again) to His will and plan. He then empowers you to do the work He has called you to.

Our power is from the Most High God and when we yield to Him- power and Divine wisdom get to operate at peak efficiency. It wasn’t that Jesus wasn’t capable or powerful. He is all of these things, yet He yielded. And He was one with the Father. Everything He did was done with power, but it was done in meekness. Jesus walked with humbleness. He didn’t have to grandstand. He didn’t have to yell and tell people that He was the chosen one - the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth. He simply operated in His purpose. He moved with humbleness and allowed God the Father to direct and instruct Him. Jesus allowed Himself to be teachable.  In His ministry Jesus was teaching to multitudes but yet He craved the Father’s instruction.

.Jesus had the ultimate source.  Because of His shed blood on Calvary, so do we.  We have access to the Father. We can rest in the Father just like Jesus did.  When you received instruction from God to move, you can rest in the Father who is making provision for His work to be done through you.  When you know your source, When you know where your power comes from. That releases the humbleness in our walk.

You know that you cannot function this way on your own. When God empowers you, you do not have to labor in the Kingdom from a place of insecurity. God creates a safe space for you. When Jesus said in the gospel of John that “I’m preparing a place for you.” he meant more than just your mansion in glory.  He was also creating a space where you fit in Him and in His Kingdom - so you could do the work of the Kingdom right here on earth. That safe space allows you to feel secure in Him; it also allows you to soften and be gentle with your brother when he or she is not at that place yet. We can be understanding when he or she are feeling unsafe and are lashing out. It softens you so that you do not see your brother or sister as competition in the Kingdom of God but as a co-laborer.

The instructions that God has been pouring into you can now flow out in a gentle manner for the benefit of His Kingdom.  When we walk in humbleness, when we work with gentleness, when we submit and allow meekness to flow through our lives; we put ourselves in position to be prepared to receive our inheritance in God.  The meek shall inherit the earth. Let’s get ready.

Be blessed