the waiting room

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Everything God has for you is on the other side of the door He is opening just for you. But to walk through that door, you must wait and trust His timing. The Waiting Room is not a place where you are simply stuck without a a purpose or a plan. The Waiting Room is your place if healing. It is your place to be nourished. It is you place to be fortified for your next season. Be prepared for all that God has for you. Join me in The Waiting Room.

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Steeped : a Teavotional

Do you need to be reminded that God accepts you? Steeped is a tea-votional filled with words of encouragement, tea pairings and recipes to aid in your devotional experience. Through Steeped, meet fourteen Biblical women who through their challenges will show you just how much God values you!


To Be Know By My Name: Recorded Names of Women in Scripture

The women named in scripture span the gamut of brief mentions like Anna who witnessed the blessing of Jesus in the Temple; to deep and layered characters like Esther, queen of Persia. Yet many Bible readers have encountered only a few of these women in their study. Xylia Sparks-Davis has searched the scriptures and has compiled a complete listing of the over 160 famous and obscure women named in the Bible. To Be Known by My Name is a study tool to help you explore deeper into the Word of God.


Prayer of Yielding and Restoration

Do you need more peace in your life? Fetefaith talks about maintaining peace in this new season.

Set Apart - Have you ever ask God why He made you different?

Prayer for yoke breaking

Prayer of Intersession - 12/2012

Prayer of Trusting