Pausing to Give Thanks

by Xylia Sparks-Davis on 11/21/12

This holiday season is already becoming challenging for me.  The materialism of my society grates on my nerves on any given day but from October to the end of the year, it is especially painful. It is as if advertisements move from promoting Halloween straight into pushing the must have gift for Christmas.  We move from give me candy to give me  gifts.  Black Friday sales are now starting on Thursday evening to insure as many sales as possible. Thanksgiving is run over in the process.  It seems that there is an incessant need for more without true satisfaction or contentment in what we already possess. When did we stop giving thanks? 

Thanksgiving is not a one day event filled turkey and all the trimmings but a way of life.  It is the way of the content.  Giving thanks and celebrating others places us on the path toward fulfillment.  True satisfaction comes from Jesus.  True peace comes from releasing  our problems to Him and exchanging them for His joy.  When our burdens are lifted, we feel grateful.  It is better than any gift exchange policy that Macy’s can devise.  The woman with the issue of blood used this exchange policy. She didn’t even need a receipt. She just touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and sickness was exchanged for wholeness and joy.  David learned this lesson. He praised his way from his father’s sheepfold all the way into a kingdom of his own.  He saw his cup run over with God’s blessings and mercy follow him to the end of his days.

Filling our cup with joy starts with counting our blessings.  What or who are you thankful for this year?  Write them down and see how fast they begin to flow. As we navigate through this holiday season let us not forget to thank the source of all of our blessings.

Lord as I move through this holiday season, let me not take you for granted. You are the source of my joy. I am thankful for You this year and every year.  Thank you for the opportunities You sent me so I could grow and change. Thank you for the restoration of my health.  That you for saving my life when I didn’t know it was in danger.  Thank you for letting me know that no matter how devastating the problem that You are bigger than my issues.  Thank you for letting me know that through you I can overcome anything and through You I am truly blessed.

 (That is my list; you’ll have to write your own.)

Happy Thanksgiving

Until next time