Waiting on an Open Door

Have you ever been waiting for an appointment that seems as if it will never come?  Your doctor’s appointment was scheduled for 9 am but the facility was already overwhelmed with patients at 8 am and so now- through no fault of your own- you are waiting.  It is not as if you didn’t follow instructions. You arrived on time (or early); but you are waiting.  You are waiting for the door to open and the tech to say, “Ms. Lady, the doctor will see you now.” So you try to be patient and read one the magazines they have provided; or you pull out your cell phone and check social media in order to pass the time.  All the while, your ears are alert to respond at the calling of your name. You are ready. You are in place, but the door just will not open- yet.

Welcome to the waiting room.

Sometimes the life of a Purpose Propelled Woman can feel just like that doctor’s appointment. However, it is not the doctor that we are waiting for.  It is our next level in God – our break though moment.  You have followed instructions and moved into position at the gentle urging of the Holy Spirit. You have showed up at the appointed time and signed in at the front desk. You are in the waiting room, but the door is not opening - for you.  In fact, it seems as if every one’s name is being called but yours.

Do not lose heart. This is not a prank.  Your break through, your promotion, the restoration of your family, really is coming. This is the right place. This is the right time. This is your door.

I am reminded of a parable of Jesus, the story of the ten virgins or bridesmaids found in Matthew chapter 25.  These ten bridesmaids were assigned to meet the Bridegroom upon his arrival for the wedding. They all arrived and were in place for the scheduled time of their appointment with the Bridegroom. All ten had their lamps burning ready for him to arrive, but hours ticked by and there was no Bridegroom.  Only five of the bridesmaids had prepared for the possibility of a delay.  These five had reserve oil for their lamps and could wait out the delay without falling into darkness.

The Bridegroom (Christ) did not show up for hours but there was no way He was not coming! The wedding could not be cancelled for His promises are true. Just as the bridesmaids were in the right place, so are you.  This is your door of opportunity.  This is your season to walk in all God has for you.  All the evil one can do is hinder or slow down your blessing.  He does not have the authority to cancel your blessing for he did not have the capacity to create it.  Hindrance and cancellation is not the same thing! There is no unholy force that can stop the plans God has for you from coming to fruition. Your door will open! The question is do we have the reserve oil to endure the waiting room?

Sometimes there is a test in the waiting room. This may be the time when you hear the voices of you haters in your ears. Those voices may cause you to question the depth of your trust in the One who authored the plan called your life. This is the time to praise God.  Praise, but nothing has happened yet! Nothing that you or I can see, but so much is going on that we cannot see. God is smoothing out the rough edges of your new situation so you won’t get cut up when you walk through the opened door. Praise drowns out the voices of the naysayers. Praise shows that you trust God and His plan even when you see nothing in front of you.  So fill your ears with what God has already done. Fill the vessel of your heart with the fresh oil of the Word. Worship Him until all other voices cease.

Just as He has prepared a mansion in Glory for you, He has prepared a place for you, right here on earth.  Will you walk out of the waiting room simply because your promotion did not come the moment that you walked in? No? Good! Instead, be filled with the spirit of God until your oil reserves overflow! Do you have the reserve oil from your time in the Almighty’s throne room to endure until your name is called? I believe you do. Your break though is closer than ever before. Do not fall into the darkness of lost hope when you are so close to all that God has prepared just for you.  Have faith that when the door finally opens- and you name is called at last -that on the other side of the appointment, on the other side of waiting for that promotion, that healing, that break through- is a place in God that is exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ever ask or think. It is all of that and more, because that is the type of God we serve.

It’s coming, wait for it

Be Blessed